Monday, February 9, 2015

Family vacation...

We had a wonderful week on the Emerald Coast...Maggie, Adam and the children took me along...lucky me!

Baby Tal...moments before he realized he could walk straight into the Gulf of Mexico

Seaside Church. The most charming church!

Cool Henry, before he broke his sunglasses

Could not get enough of this view...

I want this....beside my garage. Mark my words, it will appear...thanks to the ever talented Jake.

Adam trying on clothes outside the store...why not?

Obligatory cow photo. They are farm kids after all...

A swing to dream about. Lucky for Jake I do not have room.

The quest for the illusive family photo begins

And continues

And continues...

We give up.

The perfect flying baby Tal!

Fin and her friends... I will miss her early morning visits in my bedroom

Yep, my morning alarm has nothing on this wake up calls ever!

We did a lot of this...

Like 5 days worth...

Like I said, lots of bike riding! How we already miss it!

End of the day fun with their Daddy

Lunch with quite a view

Best days ever!!!

The dreaming continues...