Sunday, November 30, 2014


So, I went to Chicago for work....

And had the teensiest hotel room...EVER

I finished my 160 hours needed for recertification....and then discovered that I have to take a test. A TEST. I am 55 years of age. I still hate tests. Oh, I'll get around to it...someday.

I had dinner with dear friends...Mallory and Robin

She thinks it's her office...when I'm gone. Maybe she can take my test!???

Yes, I did this. Rather proud of myself! Well, actually my friends did the work. I organized!

Asthmatic tendencies...poor Fin

Cute Kate returned to DC.Poor kids, never have fun. Ever.

Cole volunteered. I'm proud!

I went to Memphis with Mil, to visit Annie

And Beale Street

And Kitty at the Peabody

Lucy and Hannah with Annie in her dorm room

Oh, well yes, we did eat some BBQ. It was Memphis after all!

Madeline gave me one of theses bracelets, or wrist jewelry as Jared calls them... Me and Guiliana....yes, I'm special!

Nutty, Angie, Madeline, Maggie and I embarked on St. Louis....helped the local economy. 24 hours pre Ferguson verdict, thankfully

Yes, thanksgiving! Millie brined her turkey. Pretty amazing!

My gravy making assistant

Sparkling grape juice. Really...

I am grateful!

I was SO thankful. I had EVERYONE home.

Adam and Greg enjoyed/endured a partner WOD. I enjoyed the picture!

I had my kitchen backsplash wallpapered. I adore it! Just wanted to share that!

Finley helped me make ornament garland...

She is in a craft overload mode

Hours and hours of fun

TAl and his daily greeting for Angie. #jealousmimi

Sue and I went to St. Louis...yes, the fabulous Fox Theatre to see Motown...fabulous!

She also works Angie's Piloxing class. Then...

She crashes.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

And where have I been??

Finley just said..."oh look, there's my mama." Brownie points...big time.

Yea, Cole continues to have a rough life....

I got invited to a party!!!

I went back to Michigan, tough luck, right?

The gum tree in all it's glory!

Nan and Nell....

The flowers in Michigan over Labor Day....

I think it will be a great time for a wedding!!!

'Twas a great week!

The paint looks awesome...

Were getting there...

I even read an entire book!!!! Ok, I admit that it was a bit sad without my grandbabies!!

The leaves are starting to late August...

A grat evening with dear my "club". Oh yea, my club!!! Although they did not let me friends that is, not the club...

I love this place!!!

So true

Cole and Kate in Dallas...

And back in DC...well said Jon.

I'll get better at this blogging...if you care...
And did you see??? Michael Waltrip on Dancing with the Stars...and...a farmer as The Bachelor. I'm in. Oh yea, 100%!!!

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Thursday, August 7, 2014


So, where do I start?

Julie moved into a great old house, as a matter of fact...

Maggie, Fin and Hen and I walked to the lighthouse

And boarded a pirate ship....aye...

Henry tried to wake up a, he wasn't making out with it...sure looks like it though...

Finley and Sadie continued their summer of fun

The amazing sunsets continued....painful, right???

My new bedroom at the cottage progressed

Quite well I might add.

And I am not the only one who likes it

They did not like this chair however....

Mad had fun with her friends...

Doughnuts were miraculously delivered...thanks Jamey!

How do you contain a crawling Tal at the beach? Dig a hole and put him in it. He loved it. Not child abuse.

Hen came home for a week...we bonded. Ok, he and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bonded

Our CrossFit THRIVED!!! Am I proud!??? You betcha!!!

Lucy Regina, Finley the page

Kelly, Maggie and Mindy....firm friends

Oh yea, our Olympian

Julie went all high class on me, her driveway patio

Sue and I enjoyed coffee downtown...

We went to the Illinois River...rather fitting that Illinois beach toys are farm toys. #andontheeighthdayGodmadethefarmer

Sue, JB and Kathy.

A successful Third Sunday

Where I thoroughly enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich, which is sooooo important to know.

Nail night at home with Chelsea and Angie

And no, he didn't get his nails done, he enjoyed the beer and pizza. And delivered sweet corn...about the best I have ever had. God bless our American farmer

My third Sunday table took on a new hue of blue....what??? You did not know I was this artistic????

Angie, and Max. CrossFit kids....I think???

Cole and I went to Florida...for a special event

McKeanna and Eug got married!!! A perfect, perfect evening

Five and Kirsten

This my friends is how St. Augustine does a car wash...

We toured the fort

And hit the beach for a perfect day

We ended the weekend at The Ale House in Daytona

Madeline went to Lollapalooza with Ana and Chelsea

And met Finn....!!

Richard painted Rowe Inn, and I cannot wait to go back!!!


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