Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summertime is still calling...

We attended a wedding....

Maggie and Sue

And liked the band so much that it looks as if they may be coming to a wedding in Michigan next summer.

CrossFit at the Y is going great guns

I took Henry for a haircut...this is momentous...he sat still and actually got a haircut!

Henry, Adam and Cole

Proof that laughter is the best medicine...Fin and Hen with Sadie

Oh, and another sunset

Kate, Cole and Emily

We have watched Henry fall asleep

Over and over...

Stacy and Regan Alice, yes, she was named for my mama

We celebrated the 4th of July

With my girls

Sadie and Finley

Maggie and Tal

Jon, Jim, Kim and Greg

Beach time

Finley and Jon. Yes, she is rather obsessed with Jon. Like, over the top crazy about him.

Sweet baby Tal. As his brother and sister say, the squishiest baby ever.

Cole and Kate, a typical evening at the cottage...

A pre sunset shot

I'm not THE only one who takes sunset photos, Mary does as well!

Nan and Sue. The old gang was all together.

Cole had to leave, and went to Nebraska City. This is his rental car.... For work....

The lodge he is staying in....and this is all for work.

Bad Mimi, they rode in the front seat, ok, we only went about 90 feet, and we WERE looking for deer....

Success on the side of the road.

A beautiful blustery day....

And if you can't sleep up here, it's ok...this was the view of the lake from my bed at 3:00am. Yes, summertime is fine with me

Location:Happy Valley Rd,Ludington,United States

Summertime is calling me....

So, Annie graduated from High School,

Serious ping pong was on the evenings agenda

And we celebrated!

Yep, I pulled out the old sewing machine, remembered how to use it, and made table runners...

And so did the graduates...
The next day, Finley turned 5

And we celebrated some more...

We headed to Michigan, for a working weekend...

And for those amazing Michigan sunsets

Our first sighting of The Badger for the year

An ice fishing house...on skis. Looks like, it really does not.

Oh, and another sunset...

The start of the summer flowers...

The gorgeous spring lilacs

A view of the courts from our walk....

A view of us from our walk....we were cramping their style I think.

A little roof repair...or rather a roof with a view

Dinner on Hamlin Lake

Hannah and Annie

Mags and her boys

Mil and I

I guess it was a hard winter...poor dock

Oh, just another sunset.

Even though the lake was only 50 degrees, they managed to enjoy it. I would have definitely heard from The senior water class at the Y....

So did I tell you how gorgeous the lilacs were?

Words don't do them justice

Did I tell you that I fell? Well, let me show you, I fell. It hurt. I was mad.

Our lighthouse...well, ok, it's not like we own it....we just think we do. And yes, I bought this wine for the label

Cold water, don't care, one bit. Take that Senior Water Class

Millie and I tore out a ceiling...and found this amazing breadboard.

Yes, whatever they want.

Hannah and Annie went to Spain.

Lucy went to Germany

I went to Passavant

Madeline brought Kayla over to visit, just before she went to the Open casting for the Bachelor!

Fin and I working hard helping Madeline and Jake mov in to their new home! Jake's firs order of business...

Remove bushes

Fin and Harmy, off to tennis

Jake showing Harmy his disc golf clubs....or discs.

Natalie got married, so we celebrated

Before she moved to England

Sally had a birthday,nose we celebrated

Quite a bit!

Our girl

We opened a CrossFit gym at the Y. Proud moment!

I went to the Wisconsin Dells for a conference....

I had a room with a view...

It was a very strange place

I am not at all certain where I thought I was...

Really, a bar naked Have a swig with Nig?
I drove further north, to Green Bay, and bought some cheese....

Oh, and picked up Cole at the airport...then we met The Badger in Manitowac

And set sail for a 4 hour tour

Upon arrival, we saw Epworth...

And our lighthouse
Then, the fun began....

Jake proposed!!!!! Madeline said yes!

We celebrated!

And found a venue

Ripped out carpet and started sanding. I mean, we are having a wedding up here after all!

Location:Berry Ln,Ludington,United States