Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello again...

The last few weeks in a nutshell....never understood that remark...so how about the last few weeks in a quick summary??

We have spent a lot of time in the park...finally...finally we have some decent weather!

I attended a JHS Girls Soccer Trivia night. We got second! I am now smart by association! Ok, so maybe, just MAYBE, those are my 2 wine glasses. So shoot me.

Cole went to Asheville and made a new friend...imagine that!

He also visited Dallas and cute Kate

Texas...warmer weather....and cute Kate

Sally and I walked to church...

While the Deal family suffered through a dreadful vacation. Ok, ok, a fantastic vacation. Whatever!

Julie sold jewelry

We all attended...stern look there Julie...why???

And Maggie sold pillows....

Gigi sold wine glasses

And Finley sold sandwiches...The Finley Special was quite popular!

Becca sold her families amazing maple Syrup, BL and Jenni visited her. I bought!

I have a new lampshade for my bedroom in my cottage by the sea...or my house on Finley Street. Whatever...it's cute.

We had an outbreak of the mumps...so my staff and I had to get re-inoculated. Now that was special. Not really certain how I got all up on TKitty...Mama Elsa was lucky to be farther away from me...

Park time...sword in tact. Actually 2 swords

Millie hosted Wednesday Class. I helped... A little

I had to present the program...so cut me some slack...next time I will help more. Promise!

Today and every day!

I babysat Gracie...while her family was on that awful vacation. Gracie did not behave. But she did like time with Henry

Park time with this boy

Sue, Madeline and I went to dinner....Madeline was the photographer...

Sunset from the farm.....

Really? A bumper sticker...really??

Ok, so you may think this is mean. It is not. Troy, Sally's caretaker called me one morning and told me he had some sort of an allergic reaction. I guess he didn't think I believed me, so he sent me a picture. I was scared for him...but I knew he was at prompt care, so I laughed. And laughed..until I cried. Then, ok, I laughed a bit more. Then when I saw Troy and he showed me another picture....I laughed til I cried again. But I didn't feel bad, because he laughed right along with me til he cried. I swear. And the great news is..he is fine! And if I ever feel sad, I just look at this picture. It works..instant happy!

The neighbors had a lemonade stand...I paid, but, Sue, Millie and I went on a walk...so we passed on the iced tea and jelly beans...when we returned home, this was waiting for us on Sue's porch. So sweet! The children, not the tea.

I had special visitors...

Henry and Ruger

Finley and Ruly

I sold a chandelier....look how great it looks in it's new home!

A new book...a prequel to a trilogy I loved.

Chelsea has indulged me...pedicures at home. Yea, I know, I look creepy.

New urns...make me very happy

Very happy. I'll be happier when I can actually fill them.

Pedal to play technology! The ONLY way to play x-box. Yes, so cutting edge. That's us!

This is so sad for me...Henry has had to have red dye removed from his diet. Why is it sad? Hello! Do you know me? I indulge my grandchildren with Twizzlers and Red Vines. This is sad, however, I found dye free licorice! Back in business!

Special cocktails at a great wedding...and a great spring ahead...just you wait!

Location:Finley St,Jacksonville,United States

Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's been a busy time...

Baby Tal was christened.

The sweet family

Henry leaving church, sword in shirt, all is right with his world.

Brunch at my house...Annie, Lucy, Madeline and Finley

Sue and I went to a wine tasting party with the younger girls...

Ludington remains snowbound....and beautiful

Annie got invited to Prom. She said yes.

Cole met something

Madeline and I headed east..

To DC...to visit Cole

We toured the National Cathedral...

We lit candles for some loved ones

We watched the Ukranian protest outside the Russian Embassy. They love America......

We provided decorations for Nick, Jon and Cole

For their St. Patricks Day celebration

We have a hotel room with quite a view!

We did an Epworth selfie with some wonderful friends!

We dined....

Jon's chicken pot pie...massive...and he ate every last bite

We walked...Book Hill Park

In darling Georgetown

We walked along the Potomac...

We shopped. Yes, this is Gucci...in TJMaxx........omg

Madeline and I went to the Dry Bar. Rather awesome...and Cole?

He and Jon, along with St. Patrick, love Day Parties

Mad and I made an appearance...Madeline and Katie

My new best friend...Aika....she is getting married! But I did not receive a save the date card....lost in the mail? Well,to her credit, I did just meet her....

The hosts....

Andy Statler and Graham. The party was a huge success....according to the hosts. Erin, bless her heart made the food. Me? I took pretzels. What??? That was nice!
Thus far..a wonderful weekend... !!!

Location:Wisconsin Ave NW,Washington,United States